2014 Clinical Epidemiology Institute

The ability to read, interpret and assess study findings has become an essential skill. Taught by the institute’s internationally-renowned clinical epidemiology faculty, the Clinical Epidemiology Institute provides a unique combination of theory and practical skills.

” If you currently struggle through the methodology section of the research articles that land on your desk – this Institute will be invaluable. The program combines an introduction to the fundamentals of research methodology with the practical skills of critical appraisal. The emphasis is on clear, accessible information that can be applied immediately.”
Ahmed Bayoumi, MD, MSc Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation University of Toronto

Who should take this course?

Clinicians in academic centres or the community who are collaborating in research studies and would like a richer understanding of clinical epidemiology

Clinicians and research coordinators interested in acquiring basic clinical research skills

Decision-makers within government, LHINs, and health service providers who need critical appraisal skills to read and interpret evidence used in decision making

Individuals involved in research, regulatory affairs and outcomes assessment within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries who need clinical appraisal skills to evaluate studies, including post-marketing surveillance

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