Admission Requirements – MHSc/MSW

Candidates must meet the Admission Standards for both the MSW and MHSc Health Administration Programs.

Admission Standards – MSW

Please visit the Faculty of Social Work website for their admission standards.

Admission Standards – MHSc Health Administration

The Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation uses four dimensions to assess applicants to the Program:

  • Academic performance – high academic standing equivalent to a University of Toronto B+ or better (77%-79%) on each of the last two years of a four-year undergraduate degree is required. A variety of 4-year undergraduate degrees offer a suitable basis for admission. Some prior preparation in quantitative courses such as statistics, accounting, and macro-economics is preferred.
  • Experience – both in health care and in other environments.
  • References – the Program values the perceptions colleagues and supervisors place upon an applicant’s capabilities.
  • Motivation – faculty place a high premium on candidates who have strong motivation and can ensure on-going commitment throughout the Program. Motivation is evaluated through an applicant’s letter of intent and through the admissions interview process (where possible).

While all four criteria are assessed, it is the overall impression of a candidate’s strengths and suitability that will determine admission.

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