Allie Peckham

Allie PeckhamPhD (University of Toronto)
MSW (University of Toronto)
BA (McMaster University)

T. 416-946-8538

Twitter @PeckhamA
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Faculty Supervisor: Walter Wodchis

Research Interests

Dr. Peckham is a health services researcher utilizing mixed methods approaches to establish best practices to support complex populations and networks of both formal and informal care. Her research focuses on special populations, specifically, aging individuals and those living with complex needs; health system design and delivery; and comparative health policy. Dr. Peckham’s research draws heavily from critical theories and explores the proficient organization and delivery of medical and social services for our vulnerable populations and their caregivers, while also assessing the impact of health policy on these areas.

Professional Interests

Dr. Peckham’s professional interests focus on caregiver policy and evidence-based policy decision making. She sits on the Research Committee of the Ontario Caregiver Coalition. She has also served as an advisor for various projects including the Trillium Project Episodic Caregiver Support Initiative, where her role was that of representing the needs of caregivers. Dr. Peckham also provides ongoing support for reports, such as the Health Quality Ontario’s ‘Caregiver Distress Report,’ which are used to inform change management and implementation.

Furthermore, Dr. Peckham is engaged with health systems and policy comparisons to improve health system delivery for individuals with complex health and social needs. She actively participates in knowledge translation activities that allow for maximum health systems impact, most recently as a committee member on the Ontario SPOR Support Unit.

As an Instructor, Dr. Peckham supports interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and analyzing health systems problems. Having a diverse background in gerontology, social work, and health policy, she taps into the interdisciplinary nature of classrooms to maximize understanding, conceptual diversity, and applied learning. Dr. Peckham develops curricula that reinforce applied-based learning and pragmatic skill development.