Bryn Lander

Bryn LanderPhD (University of British Columbia)
MSc (University of Sussex)

T. 778-320-1478

Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation (Post-doctoral Fellow)


Faculty SupervisorFiona A. Miller

Research Interests

Since I began my MSc more than ten years ago, I have focused on understanding translational processes across two ‘death valleys’ between health research and the widespread adoption of innovation in healthcare systems: 1) health innovation and 2) diffusion of health innovations. I explore these valleys by combining disciplines such as science and innovation studies, health policy, and organisational theory. My work is mixed methods and has drawn on interviews, observation, scientometrics, and chart audits. Studying health innovation, my PhD work used bibliometrics to map collaborations between sectors in infection and immunity research and development and interviews to understand why people affiliated with different sectors collaborated. Studying diffusion of health innovations, my postdoctoral work at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation in Vancouver evaluated how internal medicine teams at two teaching hospitals incorporated scientific evidence into their care decisions. A key interest for me is the role that academic hospitals play in health innovation and the diffusion of health innovation. I feel that this role has been underappreciated in both innovation and health policy. In my current postdoctoral work at IHPME, I am mapping the political economy of molecular diagnostics with Dr. Fiona Miller and Dr. Kelly Holloway through related patents and publications.