Elina Farmanova

Elina FarmanovaPhD (University of Ottawa)
MSc (Washington University in St. Louis)
BSc (Azerbaijan State University)



Faculty Supervisor: G. Ross Baker

Research Interests

I am passionate about making improvements in the design and delivery of responsive health care and service provision that support such notions as “co-production” of health and well being. While designing such care, I am primarily driven by my research interests in the following three areas: 1) integrating population health approach in health system transformations to address the broad determinants of health as the underlying structural factors affecting risk behaviors and the use of health care services; 2) examining and strengthening the design of health literate care to improve access to and quality of health services; and 3) incorporating quality improvement methods and organizational change in transformational processes, and assure intervention fidelity and cost-effectiveness.

Professional Interests

I am a health systems researcher and a quality improvement specialist with more than 10 years of applied research and practical work experience. As an Improvement Lead at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement I worked closely with teams of healthcare and other professionals across Canada and the U.S. to promote the organizational concept of Triple Aim to introduce incremental improvements in the organization and delivery of healthcare services and development of the Better Together campaign. My past work also included numerous evaluation and improvement projects and programs at the Ottawa Hospital, Hôpital Montfort, Elizabeth Bruyère Hospital and across the continuum of care related to producing positive health outcomes for individuals and communities. Some of my past work focused on the design and delivery of care to minority populations, including linguistic minorities, the topic that I hold close to my heart and would like to continue to work on to strengthen health service delivery to vulnerable populations.