Dissertation (Masters) Parents’ Experiences with Learning to Manage Medications in Pediatric Rehabilitation


Alexandra Maryrose Stanhope


Introduction: There is a significant amount of risk associated with the transition from hospital to home due to the fact that care can become fragmented and discontinuous. Children with chronic complex conditions are particularly susceptible to this risk because of their multiple health care needs, including complicated medication regimens.

Methods: Qualitative interviews were used to capture a description of parents’ experiences with learning to manage their child’s medications prior to discharge from a pediatric rehabilitation hospital.

Results: Two key thematic categories emerged from the interviews: 1) learning to manage the technical aspects of medications and 2) learning to integrate medication management into everyday life.

Conclusions: More research is needed to identify effective models of care where hospitals partner with the community to improve the integration of medication management into home life.


G. Ross Baker


Caron Gan