Dissertation (Masters) Primary Care Provider’s Perspectives on Physical Activity Counseling


Laura Kathleen Easty


Physical activity counseling in primary care has been a key health sector response to the health risks of physical inactivity. This thesis examined how providers in a clinic group understood physical activity counseling, perceived their experiences in practice, and to what extent their perspectives differed based by discipline. Two focus groups were conducted, one each for physicians and nurses/nurse practitioners, with short surveys at the start. Physical activity was understood as a health issue, and physical activity counseling was generally accepted as a routine part of care. Though it was an accepted practice, providers noted several areas of challenges, including how to apply recommendations to particular patient contexts, how to address barriers patients face, and different challenges between disciplines in incorporating counseling into practice. These results inform how providers are understood to perceive physical activity and counseling for it, and the challenges providers face integrating physical activity counseling in practice.


Fiona A. Miller


Katie Dainty