Andrea Gruneir

PhD (Brown University)

Professional Interests

health services research methods, older adults, long-term care, care transitions, quality measurement and reporting


1) Dr. Gruneir uses large population-based administrative databases to understand the health services use patterns of older adults and identify opportunities to improve their care. Her research aims to analyze patterns of transition between home settings (including long-term care facilities and the community) and hospitals (particularly emergency departments).

2) Dr. Gruneir is the principal investigator on a study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health examining the influenza and seasonal patterns of hospital use by older adults in long-term care and community settings in Ontario.

3) She recently received the Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator Award to study emergency department visits among long-term care residents in Ontario. The ultimate goal of her research is to understand weak links in transitional care, and to propose solutions that improve patient outcomes, thereby reducing rates of rehospitalization and subsequent health-care costs. She also provides methodologic expertise to a number of studies looking at adverse drug events in older adults.