Fiona A. Miller

PhD (York University)
MA (University of Victoria)

Professional Interests

Fiona A. Miller, PhD, is a Professor in Health Policy and Chair in Health Management Strategies at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. She is also Director of the Division of Health Policy and Ethics at Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment Collaborative (THETA) and a member of the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto. Her program of research centres on health technology policy, including the dynamics of health technology development, assessment and adoption within systems of health research and healthcare.


Advancing a healthcare policy perspective in research and policy development on health technology innovation. Policy interest in deriving wealth from health research and health care is growing, but much of the evidence and policy guidance that exists adopts an innovation policy perspective, which highlights the needs of the research and innovation system as well as opportunities for local economic development. While accepting the legitimacy of these aims, my research on the commercialization of academic health research, the mobilization of the ‘entrepreneurial hospital’ and the assessment and adoption of innovative health technologies, seeks to understand and communicate how healthcare policy priorities for improved patient outcomes within sustainable and fair healthcare systems can be sustained.

Supporting good governance of emerging genetic and genomic technologies and maternal-child screening systems. Through longstanding engagement with multiple governance arrangements related to genetic and genomic technologies and maternal-child screening systems, as well as related health services and policy research, my work seeks to advance and translate knowledge about the complexities of developments in these areas.



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