Monica Aggarwal

PhD (University of Toronto)
MPA (Queen's University)

Professional Interests

Monica Aggarwal is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.  Monica’s primary professional and research interests are health services delivery and health policy in Canada, with emphasis on primary and community health care. Her research examines system, organizational, team and provider level factors that enable high performing primary care organizations and systems. Dr. Aggarwal’s research also examines the role of information technology in prevention and management of substance abuse and addiction, primary care behavioural health integration models, approaches to system integration with emphasis on artificial intelligence, patient navigation and accountability.


Dr. Aggarwal has consulted on numerous research projects that have guided health policy in Ontario and Canada. Through national consultations with decision-makers, provider organizations and academics, Dr. Aggarwal co-authored with Dr. Brian Hutchison, “Toward a Primary Care Strategy for Canada” for the Canadian Working Group for Primary Healthcare Improvement. In Ontario, she authored “Quality in Primary Care: Final Report of the Quality Working Group to the Primary Healthcare Planning Group”. Dr. Aggarwal has also been involved in identifying evaluation-informed primary care innovations at the system and organizational level across Canada, which is part of Accreditation Canada’s Leading Practices Database.