Peter D. Donnelly

MD (University of Edinburgh)
MPH (University of Wales, College of Medicine)
MBA (University of Stirling)
MB CHB (University of Edinburgh)

Professional Interests

Violence reduction; Health system governance; Health Policy; Data linkage as a means to explore health systems and public health issues; Public health leadership; Effective communication in public health.


-Established and led a violence reduction research group which informed UK and WHO policy
-Co-led a study investigating the effectiveness of introducing direct elections to Scottish health boards which had a direct impact on government policy leading the administration to abandon an expensive and ineffective initiative and explore alternative ways of enhancing representativeness and accountability
-Championed multidisciplinary public health in the UK and played a significant role in public health training and in the development of clinical leaders
-Pioneered engaging and innovative ways of communicating annual public health report material, e.g., through story telling.



Additional Recent Publications


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