Twylla Bird-Gayson

MSW (York University)


1) I seek to push the pedagogical envelope. Exploring and encouraging the use of participatory centred learning (PCL) techniques throughout the MHI curriculum has enabled students to “push the envelope” of their own personal and Health Informatics professional development. Our graduates perform beyond employer’s expectations. Employers know that IHPME builds Health Informatics solution architects.

2) I seek to draw on the developing expertise of MHI alumni. Reaching out and recruiting MHI alumni to participate in Health Informatics education and student life has facilitated a positive professional feedback mechanism for the program. Our alumni demonstrate achievement for our students. Students know that IHPME builds successful Heath Informatics careers.

3) I seek to engage our Community Partners. Recruiting our practicum preceptors in both public and private sectors to also participate in our Health Informatics curriculum as co-instructors and mentors has enabled our MHI program to offer cutting edge exemplars of successful Health Informatics practice. This HI “Community of Practice” demonstrates successful knowledge transfer to IHPME research in eHealth Innovation.