Rapid Reviews

Rapid reviews are environmental scans or quick literature reviews on policy issues identified as urgent or emerging by NAO members.

Title Author(s)
Care Closer to Home: Elements of High Performing and Community Healthcare Services
Rapid Review 13, May 2019
Peckham, A., Carbone, S., Poole, M., Allin, S., & Marchildon, G.
Accountable Care Organizations: Success Factors, Provider Perspectives and an Appraisal of the Evidence
Rapid Review 12, March 2019
Peckham, A., Rudoler, D., Allin, S., Bhatia, D., Abdelhalim, R., Kavelaars, RA., Marchildon, G.
Waivers to Enable Innovation
Rapid Review 11, March 2019
Camillo, C., Farmanova, E., Peckham, A., Allin, S., Marchildon, G.
Province-Wide Services
Rapid Review 10, November 2018
Allin, S., Sherar, M., Peckham, A., & Marchildon, G.
Accountable Care Organizations and the Canadian Context
Rapid Review 9, November 2018
Peckham, A., Rudoler, D., Bhatia, D., Fakim, S., Allin, S., & Marchildon, G.
Assistive Devices: Regulation and Coverage in five European Countries
Rapid Review 8, prepared for Converge3, October 2018
Panteli, D., Henschke, C., Kroneman, M., Fuchs, S., Hjortland, M., Oliva, G., & van Ginneken, E.
Assistive Devices: Regulation and Coverage in New Zealand
Rapid Review 7, prepared for Converge3, October 2018
Tenbensel, T., Wilkinson-Meyers, L., & Singh Shekhawat, G.
Assisted Devices: Regulation and Coverage in Australia
Rapid Review 6, prepared for Converge3, October 2018
Braithwaite, T., Westbrook, J., Nguyen, A., Warwick, M., & Boyling, C.
Assistive Devices Coverage: Ontario Compared to Other High-Income Jurisdictions
Rapid Review 5, prepared for Converge3, October 2018
Marchildon, G. & Peckham, A.
Assistive Devices: Regulation and Coverage in Canada
Rapid Review 4, prepared for Converge 3, October 2018
Peckham A,. Kashef Al-Ghetaa R., Ho J., Marchildon G.
Healthcare Quality Councils: A pan-Canadian Scan
Rapid Review 3
Milligan, C., Peckham, A., & Marchildon, G.
Primary Care Reforms in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories
Rapid Review 2, April 2018
Peckham, A., Kreindler, S., Church, J., Chatwood, S., & Marchildon, G.
Policy innovations in primary care across Canada
Rapid Review 1, March 2018
Peckham, A., Ho, J., & Marchildon, G.