The following are a few of the reflections and testimonials gathered from participants in the Vernissage Health dialogue series describing it’s impact on their life and careers in health care leadership.

  • “The exercise of writing a letter to my future self was like looking into a crystal ball and seeing the person that I’d hoped to be some day.  It knitted together my ideas about personal values, professional integrity and leadership style, into a manifestation of myself that I could relate to and learn from. Through that process, I realized I was actually getting to know my authentic self, which has helped me to be a better person to the people around me and a better leader within my organization.”

  • The dialogue was deep – we all shared our personal dreams, aspiration and challenges with one another.  The trust was incredible, and I found it incredibly helpful in my journey as a leader”.

  • It was so incredible to have spent these past months finding experienced mentors and fellow peers interested in health care leadership.  I was surprised with the deep insights and honesty from all participants”.