Masterclass in Sustainable Healthcare

Spring 2020

Dates TBA

Format: Two full days

Climate change is recognized as the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century (Lancet, 2018; WHO, 2015; UCL/Lancet Commission, May 2009). Canada’s healthcare system is a large, resource-intensive sector of the Canadian economy,  responsible for at least 4.6% of national carbon dioxide emissions annually (Eckelman, 2018). While the sector dedicated to extending and improving our quality of life is a significant contributor to a phenomenon putting human health at risk, there is a significant opportunity for the health sector to develop and implement sustainability interventions that protect, promote, and prioritize health.

Learning Objectives

Day One will provide an introduction to the relationship between health systems and environmental sustainability, and explore the application of principles of adaptive leadership to sustainability challenges.

Day Two will provide a solid understanding of how foundational concepts and tools of quality improvement can be used to address sustainability challenges in healthcare.