The Application of Lean in Healthcare


IHI Open School modules focused on Quality Improvement (QI 101 to 106) & Leadership (L 101), HAD3010H and HAD3020H


This course will cover lean based concepts and methods used for quality improvement in healthcare and will build on the basics of quality improvement covered in the Fundamentals of Improvement Science and Quality Improvement Methods courses, including the application of basic Lean concepts and principles. This course, focused entirely on Lean Improvement, will include methods and tools required to design, implement, and sustain Lean process improvements from start to finish. The course will begin with an overview of the fundamentals and the roots of Lean improvement and will then focus on the application of the scientific method using the A3 form and A3 thinking. Subsequently, the course will delve deeply into common Lean-based tools used to see and eliminate waste within healthcare. The course will conclude with approaches for sustaining change using visual management techniques at team and leadership levels, with a focus on key systems and tools used to support Lean Management.


Through a combination of praxis and didactic methods, the course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skill necessary to participate fully in local and system level Lean improvement initiatives, and to have the capability to select appropriate Lean tools to address specific type of process issues, and to lead components of a large Lean-based improvement initiative.


Ron Bercaw

Margaux Mandigo