Dissertation (Masters) Examining the Development of a Community of Practice in Paediatric Project ECHO


Yalinie Kulandaivelu


Paediatric Project ECHO® is an innovative, interactive educational model for healthcare providers (HCP) based on the community of practice (CoP) concept, that expands access to and capacity for providing evidence-informed care. This study examined the development of a CoP in Paediatric Project ECHO and barriers and facilitators to its development. A qualitative description design was undertaken with semi-structured, audio-taped interviews. Twenty-one HCPs participants were interviewed. Participants’ responses indicated evidence for CoP concepts including social interaction, knowledge sharing, knowledge creation, and identity building. The main barriers to CoP development were differences in participants’ perceptions of the program aims and challenges in making time to participate in the program. The main facilitator was the interactive program format. This is one of few studies to demonstrate how knowledge creation occurs in an intentionally created CoP. Further development and clarification of the CoP concept for the ECHO model is needed to enhance program delivery.


Chitra Lalloo