Dissertation (Masters) Exploring the Impact of the ECHO Model(TM) in Ontario on Primary Healthcare Providers Sharing of Chronic Pain Knowledge: A Qualitative Study


Naima Salemohamed


ECHO Ontario Chronic Pain/Opioid Stewardship (ECHO Ontario Pain) is a telehealth platform, which supports healthcare providers (HCPs, spokes) to manage patients with chronic pain in their communities, using specialists (hub). ECHO Ontario Pain is using this model to address challenges, such as dealing with a lack of knowledge about chronic pain and inappropriate opioid prescribing practices. Thirteen qualitative semi-structured interviews were conducted with HCPs from the program. Four themes developed: (1) experiences with chronic pain management before joining ECHO, (2) learning and sharing in the program, (3) the use of technology, and (4) recommendations for improvements. ECHO Ontario Pain was a novel way to provide education by demonstrating the effectiveness of participating in an online learning model. The study highlights the value of different learning approaches and how they affect HCPs interactions with their patients, their practices, and their wider community. Overall, these findings complement and add to existing ECHO research.


Emily Seto


Fiona Webster