IHPME Faculty Awards

Eugenie Stuart Awards

2021 Winners

Best Thesis Supervisor – Dr. Paul Karanicolas & Dr. Monika Kastner
Best Mentor – Giuseppe Cammisa 

2021 Teaching Award Winners

Health Services Research – Dr. Brian Chan 
Health Informatics – Drs. Gillian Strudwick & Nelson Shen
Quality Improvement & Patient Safety – Dr. Patricia Trbovich 
Clinical Epidemiology – Dr. David Naimark 
System Leadership & Innovation – Dr. Steini Brown
Health Administration – Donald Ford
Health Professions Education Research – Dr. Paula Rowland 

2021 Program Leadership Winners

Dr. Geoff Anderson
Dr. Christine Shea
Dr. Abi Sriharan




  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Excellence in Course / Program Development & Coordination
  • Excellence in MSc/PhD Thesis Supervision
  • Outstanding Faculty / Preceptor / Tutor

Recipients will be selected by a peer review process adjudicated by the IHPME Awards Committee. Performance in the following areas of teaching/mentoring will be considered as appropriate for each award:

  • Classroom instruction (including lecturing and small-group teaching)
  • Consultation with students outside of class (including individual tutoring and advising)
  • Thesis and practicum supervision
  • Course design
  • Curriculum development
  • Production of educational material (including text books and study guides)
  • Development of programs to improve teaching
  • Research on university teaching
  • Development of innovative teaching methods; and
  • Educational planning and policy making


  • Evidence of outstanding performance in one or more of the above categories will be derived from a number of courses, including:
  • Formal evaluation of student evaluations of courses and practicum
  • Student petitions
  • Testimonial letters from students, alumni, fellow faculty members and administrators
  • Endorsements from student councils or associations

To ensure that we receive as many applications as possible, we have left the nomination process very open. There is no formal application form.

If you would like to nominate any faculty member, preceptor or tutor, please send supporting documentation to: IHPME Awards, IHPME, 155 College Street, Suite 425, Toronto, ON M5T 3M6 or ihpme.awards@utoronto.ca.

Deadline:  TBD