Eric Benchimol

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Eric Benchimol

Northbridge Financial Corporation Chair in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, SickKids Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre, The Hospital for Sick Children

Professor, Department of Paediatrics and Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto

Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences, SickKids Research Institute

Senior Core Scientist, ICES

Eric Benchimol is a pediatric gastroenterologist specializing in the care of children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). He is also an epidemiologist and health services researcher focused on the use of health administrative data to assess the incidence, environmental risk factors, and outcomes of children and adult with chronic diseases. He holds the Northbridge Financial Corporation Chair in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a joint Hospital-University Chair between the University of Toronto, The Hospital for Sick Children, and the SickKids Foundation.

Dr. Benchimol chairs the Canadian Gastro-Intestinal Epidemiology Consortium (CanGIEC), which conducts epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, outcomes, and health services research using the health administrative data from multiple provinces. By using a distributed network methodology, CanGIEC is able to assess the national picture of IBD in Canada despite the provincial nature of our health system.

Dr. Benchimol also has an interest in improving the methods used to conduct research using routinely-collected health data. In that capacity, he co-chairs of the RECORD Steering Committee, an international group which has created reporting guidelines for observational studies that use routine-collected health data for research.