Irfan Hakim

Faculty Member

Research Interests

Irfan Hakim is a health informatics professional with experience in health strategy, mental health research, health tech evaluation, knowledge translation, and interoperability (including FHIR). He is interested in leveraging technology and utilizing analytics to enhance overall quality of care and patient experience in healthcare.

Other interests include health informatics, information systems, services and design, environmental sustainability in healthcare, and health research methods.

Professional Interests

Health Strategy Consulting with focus on Data Science/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Data Governance, Health Technology Assessment, Knowledge Translation, and Health Informatics.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Irfan served as a Research Lead for Rapid Evidence Access Link (REAL), aka CanCOVID, and helped synthesize and develop COVID-19 research for decision makers to create strategic policies based on the evidence presented across Canada. He has also been involved in mentorship of students for over 7 years at University of Toronto in various capacities.