Tram Nguyen

Faculty Member

Dr. Tram Nguyen is the 2021-2022 Fulbright Canada Chair in Arctic Studies. She has made research contributions in advancing health equity, advocacy, and social justice among ethnically diverse or underrepresented communities (Arctic communities and beyond) by learning directly from end-users about their research needs. Her work connects knowledge with action for health equity, diversity, and inclusion through holistic and culturally appropriate healthcare that address social, societal, and structural determinants of health (poverty, racism, colonialism, unemployment, food insecurity, housing, unequal and inequitable access to spaces, choices, and opportunities). Dr. Nguyen is also working within an interdisciplinary, interprofessional, and international research program called the Integrated Knowledge Translation Network led by Dr. Ian Graham at the University of Ottawa in Canada. She is experienced in youth and family engagement in research as well as community integration/participation. She has extensive research experience in mental health and well-being, disability, and chronic health conditions with underrepresented populations. She is a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary researcher who is also an expert in knowledge translation and implementation.