Anna Chyjek

MHI (University of Toronto)
BSc (University of Toronto)

Professional Interests

  • Health informatics
  • Clinical information systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive analytics
  • Digital health transformation
  • Innovation
  • Strategy


Anna Chyjek is a healthcare professional with over ten years of experience within the private and public health care sector, primarily in the areas of system implementation, strategic planning, process optimization and quality improvement. As an innovative and strategic thinker who leverages her project management expertise and knowledge of leading practices, she has successfully managed several complex projects including clinical service reviews, functional and clinical integration initiatives, benefits evaluation studies, and large-scale technology implementations. She has an avid interest in identifying novel methodologies for strengthening the health care system with a particular passion for technology-enabled and data-driven healthcare solutions. Anna has held senior positions in a variety of organizations namely, Cancer Care Ontario, Deloitte Inc., Sinai Health System and currently the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.