Editorial Board

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Editorial Board Members

Editor in Chief, Gilbert Sharpe
Deputy Editor in Chief, Rosario G. Cartagena
Secretary, Pamela Seto

Managing Editor – Strategic Liaison, Wendy Lawrence
Managing Editors – Publisher and Author Liaison,  Simmie Palter, Maya Kotob and Jaime Cardy
Managing Editor – Peer Review Process,  Alissa Raphael, Leane Lardner and Gillian Kafka
Managing Editor – Events, Maria Eugenia Brunello, Sana Ebrahimi and Sara Elcombe
Managing Editor – Associate Editors, Michele Warner

Associate Editors

  1. Michael Bowmile
  2. Laurie Turner
  3. Benny Chan
  4. Diana Saturno

From time to time we may be looking for new board members. If you are interested in joining the editorial board for HLCJ please send a ‘Letter of Interest’ to hlcjsubmissions@gmail.com. We are currently looking for provincial representatives outside of Ontario. If you would like to learn more about HLCJ, we would welcome your application.