COVID-19 Case and Contact Tracing:
Policy Learning from International Comparisons

Rapid Review 25

Bhatia D., Morales-Vazquez M., Song K., Roerig M., Allin S. & Marchildon G.

English – [PDF]

This rapid review surveys approaches taken by selected jurisdictions as they ease the restrictive public health measures that were enacted to curb the transmission of COVID-19Since safe and effective therapeutics and vaccines are months away, a key consideration in the coming months is to minimize a second resurgence of infections. We sought to understand how six countries have been able to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and begin transitioning to more relaxed public health measures through the use of  testing, case management, and contact tracing, with particular interest in the role of digital case and contact tracing tools. The results of these international comparisons provide detailed information and evidence that may help inform COVID-19 recovery strategies.