Coverage of Grey Area Services in Four Provincial/Territorial Health Insurance Programs

Rapid Review 30

Carbone S., Farmer J., Roerig M., Purdy S., Allin S., & Marchildon G.

Report – EN [PDF]

Provincial and territorial (PT) health systems in Canada provide comparable universal health coverage (UHC) for hospital, medical, diagnostic, and inpatient prescriptions to their populations. Some medical services fall on the boundary, however, in what could be called the “grey area” of UHC services. This report describes how four PT governments—BC, NWT, ON, and PEI—provide their residents with the grey areas of medical transportation services, post-operative rehabilitation services, assistive reproductive technology services, and virtual physician visits. We provide an overview of the extent to which these services are covered, and when possible, how decisions regarding these services’ coverage were made. We hope this information provides insight into the variations in service coverage across Canada, and the process by which these services have come to be fully or partially covered.