An International Review of Emergency Care Clinical Networks

Rapid Review 31

Roerig M., Carbone S., Lynch M., Abu-Laban R., Duncan R., Marchildon G., & Allin S.

Report – EN [PDF]

Clinical networks have become increasingly widespread to promote innovation, knowledge creation and exchange, and collaboration. They are understood to strengthen care delivery and address fragmentation across settings and providers. Emergency care clinical networks (ECCNs) are specifically oriented to support emergency care providers working in emergency settings. This rapid review explores the prevalence and characteristics of ECCNs worldwide. Drawing on survey data and targeted web searches, we describe the structure, stated objectives, and activities of 32 ECCNs globally to identify and share promising practices that may ultimately enhance the effectiveness of these networks to improve care delivery and strengthen health systems. We also point to future research that emphasizes the role of ECCNs in fostering a learning health system approach that evaluates, adapts, and improves care in emergency settings.