Teaching Online Resources IHPME (TORI)

(Re)-designing your Course for Online or Hybrid Delivery

Upcoming IHPME Webinar: Designing Your Course for Online & Hybrid/Blended Delivery (1 hour)

Date/Times: June 22, 8:00-9:00 am and 7:00-8:00 pm (Town Hall/Q&A format referencing recording of live morning session)

Pre-Work: Faculty are strongly encouraged to (a) avail themselves of upcoming online sessions (live or recorded) offered by CTSI over the month of June, on: (i) Teaching with Quercus, (ii) Teaching with Zoom, (iii) Optimizing the Virtual Learning Environment, (iv) Assessing Student Work and Providing Feedback through Quercus, and (b) view more advanced pre-recorded training sessions on Zoom, based upon their increasing level of proficiency.

This Session will focus on Faculty Development relating to Instructional Design and Pedagogy.  This in-person session will be devoted to interactive Q&A, led by the Instructional Designer and facilitated by members of the sub-committee.  This session will build on participants’ preparation/pre-work with content focusing on:

  • Learner engagement
  • Overview of online-only and hybrid design
  • Best practices for teaching online
  • Online assessments using Quercus
  • Online Course Evaluations using Quercus
  • How & where to get help

Additional University Resources

Supporting Course Resiliency – Best Practices for Teaching Staff

Click here for a resource from the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs including:

  • sensible advice on recording grades, communicating with students, and assignment submissions
  • U of T protocol for modifying course evaluation methods (adherence important if changing assignments)
  • information on online learning technologies supported by U of T

U of T Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation’s Continuity Planning resource

Click here for a “one-stop-shop” with general, comprehensive information on academic continuity, including:

  • statement that the U of T Governing Council Policy on Academic Continuity (link accessible) situates the responsibility for academic continuity with instructors, who are responsible for:
    • Preparing course syllabi in a manner that supports academic continuity
    • Altering course procedures, requirements and methods of evaluation in consultation with academic administrators to help ensure academic continuity
  • Making reasonable accommodations for students who are unable to attend classes or complete academic requirements due to a disruption.
  • a straightforward Continuity Planning Checklist 
  • a very informative Quick Guide to Continuity Planning with additional resources relating to online course delivery through various means (Quercus, and beyond)
  • information of U of T-supported educational technologies, including workshops and consultation services
  • other quick links relating to contacting students during a disruption, pre-recorded videos, hosting online sessions, managing assessments during a disruption, links to U of T Campus Status Page, and U of T Policy on Academic Continuity.