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The practicum is the applied learning component of the Master of Health Informatics education.  From May to August, every MHI student participates in a full-time (600 hour/ 37.5 hours per week) professional practicum placement that counts for 20% of degree credits (2 FCE).

The practicum provides learners with the opportunity to build on MHI course learning and to employ related problem-solving skills. By the start of practicum, students will have completed more than 250 hours of in-class graduate instruction, in addition to workshops and projects.

Learn more:  Year One of the MHI Program
Contact us: Julia Zarb

Practicum Hiring Process

Please complete the Practicum Preceptor Interest Form 2018 – [fillable PDF], save and email to
MHI Program Assistant,

  • A posting will be generated from this, and forwarded to the contact email for revision/approval.
  • The posting will be released to students via Blackboard on the communicated date.
  • Applications will be collected by the Program Assistant and forwarded to the contact as a zip file.
  • All interview scheduling and offers are made directly with the student.

Interested in Being a Preceptor?

Being a mentor to an MHI practicum student brings many rewards. Our preceptors help to educate the next generation of health informaticians while also filling a variety of immediate project needs. Many graduates have been hired by preceptor organizations who have been impressed with the quality of thought and effort demonstrated by MHI students.

What is a practicum placement?
Who are the MHI students?
What can a practicum student do for us?
Is my organization a good fit to host a practicum?
What does a preceptor do?
What assignments will I be asked to assist students with?
Is help available to define a practicum project for my organization?
How much are practicum students paid?

Ready to learn more or get started?

Julia Zarb  is the course instructor and MHI Program Director. Connect with Julia to discuss becoming a preceptor and involving your department or organization in the process.

In the Words of Our Preceptors

As integral members of the team, MHI students bring a fresh perspective to the table. The students contribute ideas and solutions that are based in best practice, proven strategies and real-life scenarios.

Giuseppe Cammisa
Manager, Project Management Office
St. Michael’s Hospital

The MHI provides an excellent opportunity for graduates to bridge their clinical knowledge and skills with both education and hands-on experience in the dynamic health information technology environment provincially, nationally and internationally. Our intern integrated easily into our corporate environment, making significant contributions to our health system improvement projects. This very positive experience ensures that MHI graduates will be clearly on our recruiting radar in the future.

Edward McDonnell
Principal and Senior Consultant
MD+A Health Solutions

The students I have mentored from the MHI Program have been outstanding and have contributed significantly to the successful completion of a number of our IM/IT projects.

Jan Walker
VP Strategy, Innovation and CIO
West Park Healthcare Centre

The capstone project offers a fresh project lens to stakeholders by embracing a diversity of skills, knowledge and leadership to drive a unique clinical project outcome.
Andrew Schroën
Clinical Project Coordinator
Women’s College Hospital