EDI Policy/Committee

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee of the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) sustains and advances an inclusive, diverse and equitable IHPME, where everyone belongs.

We believe that this is a shared responsibility, and we believe it is our responsibility to foster an inclusive environment, invest in all of our people and promote a positive culture.

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Current Initiatives

IHPME Opportunity Scholarship

The Institute aims to provide an inclusive environment which supports the development of the next generation of scholars and policy makers. It aims to attract a diverse pool of students to ensure broad representation of experiences and perspectives in order to maintain a high standard of excellence in research and training activities.

For the past two years, we have awarded six recipients with the IHPME Opportunity Scholarship. Read about our inaugural recipients of the IHPME Opportunity Scholarship, or watch an interview with the recipients. The award advances the Institute’s strategic goal of attracting a diverse student body to maintain its standard of excellence in research and training. 

IHPME Program Review

The MSc QIPS Program will participate in a full program review undergoing EDI-related enhancements with the support of the DLSPH and EDI specialists. The EDI review will then be rolled out to all IHPME programs.

EDI Scholars at IHPME

We encourage you to search through our faculty directory to find our various scholars who are currently working on EDI-related research. You can use the filters provided or type in specific keywords, such as marginalized, diversity, minority, minorities, gender, etc. 

IHPME EDI Committee

Chairs: Christine Shea and Valeria Rac
Members: Adrian Rohit Dass, Alisa Gayle, Aviv Shachak, Beverley Essue, Brian Chan, Camilla Benmessaoud, Jeannine Girard-Pearlman, Jill Tinmouth, Meena Andiappan, Yasmin Sheikhan, Zoe Downie-Ross

For anyone interested in reaching out to the EDI Committee, please contact ihpme.edi@utoronto.ca.