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Academics at IHPME are addressing some of the most pressing issues in healthcare to find answers that matter.

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IHPME is directly involved in the development, leadership, and sustainability of several ongoing research activities.

These cross-collaborations build bridges between the Institute’s students, researchers, faculty and a multitude of peers in national and international fields.

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Accepting Students

Research into the practice of physicians who provide home visits, and the quality of care provided in physician home visits. Looking for MSc students to lead a study using health administrative data (ICES).

Accepting Students

The Canadian population has poor and inequitable access to psychiatric care despite a steady per-capita supply of psychiatrists in most provinces. There is some quantitative evidence that practice style and characteristics vary substantially among psychiatrists. However, how this compares across […]

Accepting Students

Care transitions in and out of hospital are increasingly the target of health system reform in Canada. Despite the focus on care transitions, few interventions have been found to reduce readmissions or costs. Integrated models of care (IC) are evidence-based […]