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Data-driven Design of Stroke Systems to Optimize Care and Improve Outcomes

Accepting Students

This research program uses data from clinical registries and administrative databases to evaluate stroke health services provision, identify disparities in care, explore healthcare delivery via telemedicine, including Telestroke, and examine health human resources needs to allow for a data-driven redesign […]

Lead: Amy Y.X. Yu

Dr. Amy Yu is an Associate Professor of Medicine. She is a clinician-scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute and an adjunct ICES scientist. Her work involves health services research, sex-specific analyses, and the development of new indicators of health outcomes to study cerebrovascular diseases in the population. Her research is supported by CIHR and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Her work has been recognized by the European Stroke Organization Young Investigator Award 2017, the Canadian Women’s Heart, Brain and Vascular Health Investigator Award 2021, the Heart and Stroke National New Investigator Award and Henry J. M. Barnett Scholarship 2021, and the American Academy of Neurology’s Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize 2022.


Introduction to Health Services Research Methods and the Use of Health Administrative Data

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