Graduate Students Directory

Use our directory to connect or learn more about IHPME’s graduate students and their theses. 

Three students with books

Raja Faisal Abbas

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Realist Evaluation of the Policy Formulation phase in adopting Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Indonesia and Pakistan

Supervisors: Xiaolin Wei

Pratyasha Acharya

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Targeting Efficacy of Indian Public Health Insurance Programs

Supervisors: Beverley Essue, Ajay Mahal, Sumit Kane

Charina Alducente

MHI Graduate Student
MHI Stream — Executive Master of Health Informatics

Natalia A. Angeloni

MSc Graduate Student

Thesis: Sodium disorder incidence and management in critical care patients

Supervisors: Neill Adhikari

Nicholas Bakewell

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Methods for estimating and evaluating the extent polypharmacy in EHR data among older (>64 years) populations

Supervisors: Therese A. Stukel

Kainat Bashir

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: The role of network actors in the intra-organizational context within Canadian long-term care settings during COVID-19

Supervisors: Whitney Berta

Kayla Alexandra Benjamin

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Addressing the mental health impact of unpaid care work through Bogotá, Colombia’s District Care System

Supervisors: Erica MC Di Ruggiero