Graduate Students Directory

Use our directory to connect or learn more about IHPME’s graduate students and their theses. 

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Kainat Bashir

Kainat Bashir

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Understanding and leveraging the role of networks and network actors in the implementation of practice change innovations in Ontario's long term care homes

Supervisors: Whitney Berta

Kayla Alexandra Benjamin

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Addressing the mental health impact of unpaid care work through Bogotá, Colombia’s District Care System

Supervisors: Erica MC Di Ruggiero

Avneet Kaur Bhullar

MHI Graduate Student

Sabrina Binte Haque

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Effects of built environment on Gestational Diabetes and short and long-term outcomes among pregnant women and their offsprings

Supervisors: Dr. Gillian Booth

Adom Bondzi-Simpson

Adom Bondzi-Simpson

MSc Graduate Student

Thesis: Integrating equity into quality metrics for colorectal cancer care: An analysis of wait times for curative-intent surgery

Supervisors: Julie Hallet

Laura Brereton

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Discourses of Shared Decision-Making in Canadian Perinatal Care (Implications for Health Professions Education)

Supervisors: Ayelet Kuper

Frances Bruno

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Examining the Mechanisms and Factors Influencing Organizational Learning in Quality Improvement

Supervisors: Lianne P. Jeffs