Kelly Holloway

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Liquid Gold: Exploring the social landscape of expanding use of immune globulin in Canada

Accepting Students

This project aims to evaluate the use of Ig products from production, evaluation, dissemination and use in the healthcare system. The goal of the project is to generate a better understanding of its use and generate policy-level insights into how best to achieve the equitable and cost-effective allocation of Ig products in the Canadian healthcare system.

Lead: Kelly Holloway

Research Interests

  • Medical sociology
  • Health policy
  • Political economy of blood collection
  • Donor behaviour
  • Biomedical innovation
  • Qualitative methods

Dr. Holloway is a medical sociologist with interdisciplinary training in health policy and political economy. Following her doctoral work in Sociology at York University, Dr. Holloway did two CIHR-funded postdoctoral fellowships at Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto. She is now a social scientist with the Canadian Blood Services’ Centre for Innovation, where her work is focused on understanding donor behaviours and motivations to effectively inform strategies and approaches to recruitment. Dr. Holloway uses qualitative research methodologies to understand how donor behavior is situated in political, social and economic contexts.