Reza Yousefi Nooraie

Reza NooraiePhD (McMaster University)
MSc (McMaster University)
MD (Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran)

T. 905-516-7554

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Faculty SupervisorsG. Ross Baker & Adalsteinn Brown

SGS Membership:  Associate (Restricted)

Research Interests

Reza’s main line of interest includes the application of a social network analysis lens to inform and promote the process of knowledge translation and program implementation ( He is especially interested in designing network-informed and network-rewiring interventions, and studying networks as the outcome of the implementation. He has applied network analysis in various contexts including co-authorship, information seeking and influential discussions in health care settings, and partnerships among health organizations. In his post-doctoral research, he is studying the formation and composition of communication and collaboration networks within and across health quality improvement teams who have participated in the IDEAS training program (

He is also interested in mixed methods studies, and the dialogue between quantitative and qualitative approaches, and how this dialogue can deepen our understanding of social structures and interpersonal relations. His methodological interest is qualitization of quantitative data in mixed methods studies.