Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai

PDF (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
PhD (University of Toronto)
BSc (University of Waterloo)

Professional Interests

Economic Evaluation Methodology, Health Technology Assessment, Person-level Data Analysis, Administrative Databases, Quantitative Research, Survey Research, Medical Decision Making, Mental Health, Cancer, Public Health, Disaster Research

Other Affiliations

Health Economist, Centre for Excellence in Economic Analysis Research (CLEAR), St. Michael’s Hospital www.clear-healtheconomics.ca, www.hubresearch.ca

Health Economist, Pharmacoeconomics Research Unit, Cancer Care Ontario https://healtheconomics.utoronto.ca/

Member, Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control https://www.cc-arcc.ca/aboutus/ourteam/

Fellow, Social Aetiology of Mental Illness (SAMI), Centre for Addiction and Mental Health https://knowledgex.camh.net/researchers/areas/sami/people/fellows/Pages/Isaranuwatchai.aspx



Additional Recent Publications

  1.  Isaranuwatchai, W., Brydges, R., Carnahan, H., Backstein, D., & Dubrowski, A. Comparing the cost-effectiveness of simulation modalities: a case study of peripheral intravenous catheterization training. Advances in Health Sciences Education. 2014;19(2):219-232.
  2. Isaranuwatchai, W., Graham, D.M., Siu, L.L., & Hoch, J.S. Could the HPV vaccination be cost-effective in males for the prevention of oropharyngeal cancer? Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. 2014; Aug 6: 1-3.
  3. Tricco, A.C., Ashoor, H.M., Antony, J., Beyene, J., Isaranuwatchai, W., Harrington, A., Wilson, C., Tsouros, S., Soobiah, C., Yu, C.H., Hutton, B., Hoch, J., Hemmelgarn, B.R., Moher, D., Majumdar, S.R., & Straus, S.E. Safety, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of long-acting versus intermediate-acting insulin for patients with type 1 diabetes: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. British Medical Journal. 2014; Oct 1;349:g5459.
  4. Isaranuwatchai, W., Coyte, P.C., McKenzie, K., & Noh, S. Impact of the Tsunami on mental health in Thailand: A longitudinal analysis of one- and two-year post-disaster data. Disasters. 2014.
  5. Graham, D.M., Isaranuwatchai, W., Habbous, S., de Oliveira, C., Liu, G., Siu, L.L., Hoch, J.S. A preliminary cost-effectiveness analysis of human papillomavirus vaccination in males for the prevention of oropharyngeal cancer. Cancer. 2014.