Financial Aid Resources available to Students in light of COVID-19-Related Disruptions to Progress in their Programs

Financial Aid Information

While IHPME staff and faculty have worked to ensure that courses will continue to be offered with limited disruption by moving to online delivery, we understand that COVID-19-related disruptions might impact other aspects of students’ progress in their programs, e.g. delayed ethics approvals, suspended data collection, limitations to secondary datasets. In these situations, students may be faced with extending their program trajectories and thereby find that they need financial support if this extension moves them “outside” of the funded cohort (i.e., first year of studies for qualifying full-time Research Program Master’s students, and first four years of studies for qualifying PhD students, see University of Toronto and & IHPME support.

There are several awards offered by the University to which students might apply in these situations. Links to these, and to additional information regarding financial aid, are offered below. Note that the application requirements and processes for these awards are specific to each award, and that some of these awards apply to Research Program and Professional Program students.

In the event students do not qualify for these awards, IHPME will consider offering financial support to those with demonstrated need who are confronting program progress delays attributable to COVID-19-related disruptions. There is currently no deadline set for applications for these funds. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis; students are asked to prepare, and to send the following to

● An OSOTF form
● A brief description of the delay, its relationship to the COVID-19 pandemic, and anticipated impacts on the student’s program completion timelines (to the best of their ability)
● A brief explanation as to why other sources of financial assistance (see list below) are not applicable
● A letter from their Supervisor (Research Program students)

Links to University of Toronto Awards/Scholarships & Additional Financial Aid/Assistance Resources:
Deadline: TBD
University-Wide Awards (some awards are needs-based)
Deadline: April 27, 2021
Master’s Completion Bursary
WINTER 2021 Application deadline: April 31, 2021

Additional resources:
Financial Aid
Emergency Funding
School of Graduate Studies Awards