Environmental Stewardship in Health Care: A Nursing Perspective – Webinar

with Dr. Elizabeth Schenk

Healthcare is committed to treating illness and creating optimal conditions for health. Yet, healthcare also contributes significant pollution, which undermines conditions for health. Nursing, as the largest profession in healthcare, has a professional obligation to reduce its environmental impacts. In this talk, Dr. Schenk describes common sources of pollution in healthcare, and in particular what nurses can do to address environmental stewardship in healthcare and decrease pollution from their practice.

View Dr. Schenk’s slide deck – [PDF]

Links mentioned:

Centre for Sustainable Health Systems (CSHS) https://ihpme.utoronto.ca/research/research-centres-initiatives/cshs/

Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) https://envirn.org/

Nurses for Health Environments Podcast (with Dr. Elizabeth Schenk) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nurses-for-healthy-environments-podcast/id1316089858

Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment/Association d’infirmières et infirmiers pour l’environnement (CANE/AIIE) http://www.cnhe-iise.ca/