Erica MC Di Ruggiero

RD (College of Dietitians Ontario)
PhD (University of Toronto)
MHSc (University of Toronto)
BSc (University of Toronto)

Research Interests

  •  Study of population health interventions (policies, programs), their health and health equity impacts:
    • Relationship between context and population health interventions
    • Social and economic policies influencing decent work at the global level
  • Global agenda setting in policy
  • Population health intervention and implementation research/science
  • Qualitative research and mixed methods research; discourse analysis
  • Knowledge utilization and exchange strategies to influence public health decision-making at national and global levels

Professional Interests

My program of research examines how evidence affects global policy agendas related to employment, other determinants and health equity in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. My work also addresses governance-related questions about the roles of public/private partnerships and global institutions in the promotion of health, health equity and the prevention of non-communicable disease and related risk factors (e.g. nutrition). I also study population health interventions (policies, programs), using novel conceptual and methodological tools to conduct international comparative policy research on global social and health inequities.

Other Affiliations: