Michael Hillmer

PhD (University of Toronto)
MSc (University of Toronto)


Michael Hillmer is a member of the community providing groundbreaking perspectives and inspiring contributions that define IHPME.



Additional Recent Publications

Hillmer, M. R., Housser, J., & Watson, D. E. (2007). Improving prescribing, improving health. Healthcare quarterly (Toronto, Ont.), 11(1), 68-74. Watson, D. E., Hillmer, M., Prebtani, F., & Leeb, K. (2006). Why healthcare renewal matters: lessons from diabetes. HealthcarePapers, 7(4), 54-60. Hillmer, M. P., Wodchis, W. P., Gill, S. S., Anderson, G. M., & Rochon, P. A. (2005). Nursing home profit status and quality of care: Is there any evidence of an association?. Medical Care Research and Review, 62(2), 139-166.