Raisa Deber

PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Professional Interests

Professor Deber’s current research centers on Canadian health policy. Current projects, conducted with colleagues and students, include: implications of the distribution of health expenditures and public/private roles for financing and delivery of health services (including primary care); examination of where nurses and other health professionals work and the factors associated with differential “stickiness” across sub-sectors; issues associated with the movement of care from hospitals to home and community; approaches to accountability; and factors affecting patient engagement.


Health policy is inherently interdisciplinary. Working with colleagues and students, I have conducted research on a variety of issues that have had a direct influence on Canadian health policy. This includes my work on the distribution of health expenditures, which helped cast attention on the 1% who account for a significant proportion of health expenditures. My work on preferred roles in medical decision making continues to be highly cited.  In 2009,  I received one of Canada’s most prestigious lectureships, the Emmett Hall Memorial Lectureship; it recognizes outstanding contributions to the health ideals articulated by Justice Hall: equity, fairness, justice and efficiency.


  • Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, Inducted November 2018
  • Fellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), Elected 2012.
  • Emmett Hall Memorial Lectureship, Justice Emmett M. Hall Memorial Foundation, 2009

Other Affiliations



Additional Recent Publications

Deber, R. (2018).  Treating Health Care.  Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

Deber, R; Mah, C (Ed.).  (2014). Case Studies in Canadian Health Policy and Management, 2nd edition. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press

Deber, R.; Allin, S. (2014). Ontario: Changing policies, changing categories. In Marchildon, Greg and DiMatteo, Livio (eds).  Bending the Cost Curve.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Rudoler, D., Deber, R.,  Barnsley, J., Glazier, R., & Laporte, A. (2014, March). Paying For Primary Care: The Factors Associated With Physician Self-Selection Into Payment Models. Toronto: Canadian Centre For Health Economics.

Steele Gray, C., Berta, W., Deber, R., & Lum, J. (2014). Seeking Accountability: Multi-Service Accountability Agreements (MSAAs) in Ontario’s Community Support Sector. Health Reform Observer-Observatoire des Réformes de Santé, 2(1).

Berta, W., Laporte, A., Deber, R., Baumann, A., & Gamble, B. (2013, November). Exponentiation, Substitution And Boundaries: The Evolving Role Of Health Care Aides In The Long-Term Care And Home & Community Care Sectors In Canada. Gerontologist, 53, 353-354.