Valeria E. Rac

MD (University of Sarajevo)
PhD (University of Toronto)

Professional Interests

My research and expertise is in the area of the health services research and health technology assessment (HTA) and it is focused on the design, implementation and evaluation of large clinical trials, mixed-methods studies, complex health system interventions and registries involving pre-hospital and in-hospital data collection.

I am in particular interested in the design, implementation and evaluation (formative, summative and real-time developmental evaluation) of the complex interventions in the HTA research (technologies and services) and chronic disease management in the community (heart failure, COPD, chronic kidney disease, diabetes). More recently my research is also focused on the system level effects of health technologies and how they impact healthcare delivery.

Research Interests

  • Health services research (with special interest in the equity in access/provision of care)
  • Health technology assessment
  • Clinical trials, complex health interventions and program evaluations

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