Xiaolin Wei

PhD (University of Toronto)
MPH (Peking University)
MD (Jining Medical College)

Research Interests

  • Primary care reforms and policy evaluation: Primary care development and reforms, public-private models, patient evaluation of primary care, vulnerable groups
  • Health service delivery in tuberculosis and cardiovascular disease control: Community based tuberculosis care, patient care pathways and costs, policy evaluation in tuberculosis control, tuberculosis control system reforms, hypertension and diabetes care at the primary level; reducing misuse of antibiotic in primary care practice
  • Operational research, clustered randomised controlled trials

Professional Interests

  • Policy evaluation
  • Quality improvement in clinical and public health practice


I believe that researchers should act as a catalyst for action, and participate within the national program to design the intervention and address health policy issues. I am passionate to work with national health authorities and disease control programs to identify opportunities for research towards quality improvement and policy development. This brings benefits to research in two ways: research data collection can be over and above the routine program work (e.g. using health service database); and research interventions can be embedded into national health reforms activities.

Currently, I am the PI leading two large scale randomized clinical trials, one in improving diabetes and hypertension control in Zhejiang China, and another in reducing irrational use of antibiotic among children in Guangxi China. Both are under the rural primary care settings. In addition, I have contributed to evaluating national health policies that promoting continuity of care under different urban settings in China, and have been the consultant to China’s national government on improving general practitioners’ practice and training.

Another major impact I make is to improve tuberculosis care in China, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana and other countries. These involved evaluating the national tuberculosis control policies, and implementing interventions on case finding, diagnosis, treatment and patient support. Most of the research results have been translated to national TB control policies that improving practice.

I am passionate of applying similar principles to explore Canadian based research priorities and comparative studies in primary care.

Other Affiliations