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The gravity of climate change has called attention to the range of environmental challenges facing the human community, and highlighted the potential for alternative futures that are environmentally and socially sustainable. The Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation has a role in addressing these challenges and realizing these opportunities, due to the profound implications of climate change for population health and health systems, and the out-sized environmental impact of the health care sector.

The health implications of climate change are serious and growing. The health care community has a particular role and responsibility in addressing the challenge of climate change. This responsibility arises, first, from the environmental impact of delivering health care services, which consume quantities of energy, water and other material resources. Beginning with an initial discussion at an Institute faculty meeting in September 2016, members of the Institute community have worked to identify ways to tangibly address these issues through a implementation strategy, with a clearly outlined time frame for specific deliverables.

Members of the IHPME Committee on the Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability


Fiona A. Miller, Professor, Chair in Health Management Strategies, IHPME

Christine Shea, Lecturer & Program Director, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS), IHPME


Ahmed Bayoumi, Professor, IHPME; Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital

Rebecca Biason, Communications Coordinator, IHPME

James Byrne, Student, Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research, IHPME

Isser Dubinsky, Associate Professor and Senior Fellow, IHPME

Anne-Marie Malek, President and Chief Executive Officer of West Park Healthcare Centre; Adjunct Faculty, IHPME

Anne Louise Pontigon Montgomery, Academic Appointments & HR Coordinator, IHPME

Arleen Morrin, Administrative and Financial Manager, IHPME

Vineeth Sekharan, Student, MHI Health Informatics, IHPME

Valerie Rackow, Adjunct Faculty, IHPME

Alex Titeu, Research Officer, IHPME

Walter Wodchis, Associate Professor, IHPME

Saerom Youn, Student, Health Services Research, IHPME