We are excited to launch Vernissage Health’s podcast “Built to Lead.” 

This podcast is a student-directed companion initiative augmenting the Dialogue Series for Health Leaders. The Built to Lead podcast ensures that the leadership tenets of Vernissage Health are available to all IHPME students and alumni. 

Here is a “sneak peak” of the Built to Lead trailer. 

Built to Lead is now available on all major streaming platforms (Google, Apple & Spotify) by searching Built to Lead.  You can also subscribe to the podcast via https://shows.acast.com/built-to-lead/.  All IHPME students and alumni are invited to subscribe. 
In its episodes, Built to Lead profiles a diverse range of students, emerging and established health leaders, many of them IHPME alumni, in reflective conversations about their leadership beliefs and journeys. Each episode is an engaging conversation, hosted by IHPME students, about different aspects of health care leadership!  
Join the Built to Lead team! If you an IHPME graduate student interested in joining the podcast team, please email your interest to Wendy Nelson, Project Lead of Vernissage Health at wnelson@rogers.com.