Anne Wojtak

BSc (University of Western Ontario)
MHSc (Health Administration) University of Toronto
DrPH (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)

Deniese May Chaney Fellowship, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (2014)
University of Toronto Society of Graduates in Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Graduate Literary Award (1995)
Robert Wood Johnson Award - University of Toronto (1994)

Professional Interests

Anne Wojtak is the Chief Performance Officer for the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre. Ms Wojtak’s areas of expertise include policy, corporate strategy and performance as well as risk management, change management, research, ethics, contract management and procurement, and communications. After starting her career in the rehab and complex continuing care sector, Ms Wojtak has held progressively more senior positions and is now an Executive Leader with 20 years of experience in the home and community care sector. Ms. Wojtak has a strong interest in learning, research and teaching and is an adjunct faculty member of the University of Toronto in IHPME. Ms Wojtak graduated with a Masters of Health Science (Health Administration) from IHPME and is currently a doctoral candidate in health leadership at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.


Anne Wojtak is an adjunct faculty at the University of Toronto in the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation where she is a guest lecturer on strategic planning and performance measurement and has been a tutor for Canada’s Health System and Health Policy course. She has presented at over twenty-five conferences on topics related to corporate strategy, performance management, ethics, change management, patient safety, accountability, and patient experience.

Ms Wojtak’s current research is focused on public reporting of health performance information. The research question for her doctoral dissertation is ‘How can we evaluate the impact of third-party public reporting on quality improvement for health care in Ontario?’. 

Significance of the Research – Overall, the literature shows that while concerns about the value of public reporting remain, demand for public reporting will only increase over time. It also indicates that evaluation of many public reporting systems is lacking. The multiple aims, uses, and audiences for public reporting have made it difficult to identify appropriate evaluation criteria and frameworks. At the same time, there are potential risks and opportunity costs related to public reporting. Given this context, it is critical that we consider the need to formally evaluate Ontario’s public reporting efforts and its effectiveness in meeting its goals. The purpose of this dissertation will be to identify a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of existing public reporting for improving health care quality and then to develop a plan for change for how to apply the framework to assess the current state of public reporting and identify opportunities to improve its effectiveness.



Additional Recent Publications

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