Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin

IHPME’s Alumni Association President

As a fellow IHPME alumnus, Taylor Martin recognizes the importance of staying connected beyond graduation. Taylor works to engage alumni through events, mentorship, and continuing education opportunities in his role as the President of the IHPME Alumni Association.

Why are keeping these connections strong so important? According to Taylor, the COVID-19 pandemic has served as another example of the importance of system-wide collaboration in the healthcare sector. 

“IHPME is emulating the health system of the future and a microcosm for what our system should be,” he says. “Our diverse programs–and our alumni network–are cross-cutting and help to break down the siloes and bridge the gaps that have been exposed so plainly in our system during the pandemic.”

In addition to ensuring the alumni network is reflected in IHPME’s overall strategic direction, Taylor promotes opportunities to build lifelong connections through events and educational offerings. Alumni can search IHPME’s event page for relevant upcoming opportunities. 

A bit about Taylor Martin:

Taylor has held roles in government, the hospital sector, and private industry. Currently, Taylor is the Director of Workforce Optimization and Engagement at Michael Garron Hospital. He previously managed the Ontario Palliative Care Network Secretariat and the Primary and Community Care program at Cancer Care Ontario.

Taylor is a Professional Engineer and formerly led product development as a biomedical engineer. Taylor holds a Master of Health Science in Health Administration from IHPME, is a Certified Health Executive (CHE), and is presently pursuing his PhD in Healthcare Engineering at the University of Toronto. Taylor is an Adjunct Lecturer in Health Policy at IHPME. 

Get in Touch: Have a question or comment for Taylor about the association? Reach out at taylor.martin@utoronto.ca.