JJ Berry Faculty Supervision Award / combined IHPME and PHS


The School of Graduate Studies Graduate Supervision Awards aim to recognize outstanding performance in the multiple roles associated with graduate student supervision. Each year, two JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Awards and two SGS Early Career Supervision Awards will be offered to successful nominees: one of each award in the Humanities/Social Sciences and in the Physical/Life Sciences.

Eligibility Note

For IHPME and PHS faculty

Nominees must be:

JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award:
• Active graduate faculty members at the University of Toronto, having supervised doctoral students (PhD, EdD, DMA, SJD) for a minimum of 15 years

Early Career Supervision Award:
• Tenure stream or status only graduate faculty members at the University of Toronto within the first six years of acquiring a graduate faculty appointment, having engaged in supervision of graduate students (master’s degree or doctoral degree) in committee member, co-supervisor or sole supervisor roles.

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