The Robert Wood Johnson Award, established in 1956 by Johnson & Johnson Medical Products Inc., is exclusively for graduate students in health administration programs in Canada.

Robert Wood Johnson earned a worldwide reputation for his innovative management techniques, far-sighted socioeconomic reforms and dedicated public service. He helped establish the world’s first school of hospital administration, created a unique industry/hospital collaboration for improving hospital management efficiency and help set up a prototype nurse recruitment program.

Eligibility Note

For MHSc Students. Must be enrolled full or part-time in a graduate program of Health Administration at the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Université de Montréal, University of Alberta, University of Ottawa or Dalhousie University.


$1,500, a Certificate of Merit, and travel and accommodation expenses to attend the awards ceremony. An award is presented to one student from each of the six Canadian universities offering graduate programs in health services administration.


Each of the six faculties selects a student viewed as the most likely to contribute valuable service to health services management. At the University of Toronto the award is given to a student in the second year of the program and all program faculty are involved in the nomination and selection process. Candidates will be asked to submit a statement of eligibility exploring health policy issues, specifically: social justice aspects found in the social determinants of health, and the role of social activism.


Christine McGovern (2023), Eimear Murphy (2022), Phoebe Smith (2020), Kellie Murphy (2021), Marnie Howe (2019), Maj. Terrance Patterson (2018), Craig Thompson (2017), Sandra Racco-Cella (2016), Alexis Villas (2015), Jeff Biddiscombe (2014), Vivian Yu (2013), Deborah Egan (2012), Andrea Thompson (2011), Wing-Si Luk (2010), Liane Fernandes (2009), Michael Murray (2008), Paul Miller (2007), Adam Dukelow (2006), Lynn Guerriero (2005), Major Stephan Plourde (2004), Emily Musing (2003), Lee Fairclough (2002), Nicholas Braithwaite (2001), Beverley Hales (2000), Elisabeth Ross (1999), Dionne A. Falconer (1998), Jeffrey Edelson (1997), Brenda Barry (1996), Barbara Trerise (1995), Anne C. Wojtak (1994), Diana Noel (1993), Donna Ellis (1992), Marianne Nufeld (1991), Joseph L. Pilon (1990), David F. Thomas (1989), Karen A. Taylor (1988), Janice Margaret O’Brien (1987), Paul J. Geukers (1986), Sister Elizabeth M. Davis (1985), S. Lynne MacFaden (1984), Vytas Mickevicius (1983), Sidney R. Stacey (1982), Hume Martin & Richard C.J. Nurse (1981), Darlene L. Craig (1980), Louise G.  Johnson (1979), William B. MacLeod (1978), Gerald W. Hildebrand (1977), Irene G. Stickland (1976), Sister Margaret R. Myatt (1975), Barry J.C. Monaghan (1974), Sister Beatrice Schnarr (1973), Errol N. Pickering (1972), William Dunlop (1971), Theodore J. Freedman (1970), Margaret H. Inglis (1969), Claus A. Wirsig (1968), Antonio Dagnone (1967), Donald C.E. Wilson (1966), Willis A. Rudy (1965), M. Ferne Trout (1964), Edward C. Emery (1963), M.Z. Husain (1962), Gary J. Chatfield (1961), John E. Osborne (1960), John W.B. Barr (1959), Kenneth S.  McLaren (1958), Moshe Katz (1957), George J. Riesz (1956)

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